YourOtherYou is a unique interactive experience enabling consumers to play extravagant pranks. Simply input a little info about a friend (phone, address, etc.) and we’ll then use it, without their knowledge, to freak them out through a series of dynamically personalized phone calls, texts, emails and videos. First, one of five virtual lunatics will contact your friend. They will seem to know them intimately, and tell them that they are driving cross-country to visit. It all goes downhill from there. The Matrix integrates seamlessly into the experience and you can follow the progress of your prank in real-time online. Each piece of the campaign assures that the experience is as Google-proof as possible.

A series of bizarre banners referencing different elements within the game were created to surprise viewers and ultimately drive traffic to the site.
Video Banners
Videos from each character ran as pre and post-roll on a variety of niche sites such as Adult Swim and IFC. They
were also syndicated on sites like,, spike, ebaumsworld and,
generating millions of views to date.

Character Myspace & Blog Sites
Extension sites were created to further solidify the online existence of each character while at the same time allowing visitors to connect with them on a more personal level. Music, photos, videos and friends help bring the characters to life.

Music Tracks
A complete song book was recorded for the heavy metal character's band Chaos Crypt. The music was distributed at the national music festival SXSW as well as online. PR kits were also sent out to major record labels.

Ancillary Sites
A website for the low-budget motel referenced throughout th and entertain visitors who choose to go deeper into the experience.
A series of ambiguous print ads highlighting the characters ran in core demographic publications driving traffic to
Out Of Home
Wild postings were mixed and matched to create a juxtaposition between real people and characters. They ran in major cities across the U.S. driving traffic to the site.